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One thing that we are all striving for is to become as efficient as possible. Smooth processes are the lifeline to a high-quality product or service. Knowing how to achieve this can be one of the most difficult factors. However, we believe that it all starts with the decision and dedication to create a dust free environment. 


From the origin, airborne particulates can be infecting the work area for a long period of time. Some airborne dust particles can float around in the air for days . If you have processes that produce a lot of dust daily, then you can only imagine how unhealthy your air quality may be. These particulates will float all over the building, until they finally land on another surface. This situation can hurt the quality of your finished products, make for a dusty dirty office, HVAC dirt build up, and it will affect the health of your employees. All putting a heavy hit on your bottom line. 


Implementing the right dust extraction equipment to your organization can be a saving grace to your profits. The reason for this is because it can take your finished product to a high-quality standard, while saving you time. In a clean work environment, there are 4 main areas where we believe an organization benefits:  

1. Improved Quality of Work

With less airborne contaminants in the work area, less contamination is at risk to lie on fresh new products. This provides a much cleaner, natural finish. 

3. More Dedicated Employees

With the implementation of new equipment, it lets your staff know that they are being cared for. It will  provide a much cleaner, healthier work environment. Leaving your employees feeling more energized and organized. 

2. Less Rework

Because of the reduction of air borne particulates, there is significant reduction in the amount of contamination that may lie on a fresh finish. Less contamination equals significantly less redoes. 

4. Less Employee Sick Days

Airborne dust in the work environment can cause or have an adverse effect on respiratory problems. Some dust pollutions may bring more risk than others, however something as simple as wood dust can have a dampening effect on employees' health. Keep in mind that uncontrolled dust is not only just a major health risk. It can lead to low productivity, medical cost, and sometimes even legislative action. 


What if I have Vacuum Sanders?

Vacuum sanders are a great way to help manage your dust problem in your shop. It prevents a lot of dust from being sent into the air. However, we all know that vacuum sanders do not stop ALL the dust. I am sure that most of us use a blow gun after we are done sanding. Or if we do not use a blow gun, we are sweeping dust up off the floor. All these little practices emit an extreme amount of dust into the air whether you realize it or not. If this is a day-to-day thing, (which it is for most of us) we can only imagine the amount of dust that is flying each day… No wonder there is always dust on top of our shelves. 

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