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Carney Cataldo, owner of Cataldo's Collision Inc. located in Dubois, PA purchased two Preme-Air 150's. One unit was located right outside his spray booth and the second was located in his body/frame area. Just after a few days, Carney noticed how much cleaner his shop was. He states "There is no longer a dust fog in my shop. I also noticed that the jobs coming out of the spray booth had less contaminant than ever before".


AJ Dilulio, Manager of Ellwood Auto Repair purchased a Preme-Air 150 to control the dust in his tire area. It is used to control the dust when grinding aluminum and steel wheels. He states: "Before I had the Preme-Air 150, dust was going everywhere. I could not keep the dust down in this area. Once I implemented this, it sucked the dust up like nothing. My shop is much more clean now because of this machine."

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Rick Stromyer of Hovis Auto and Truck Supply is an Auto Paint Specialist. He has been in the industry for over 25 years and works frequently with Emko Technologies Preme-Air 150. He states that: " These do work awesome. We have one in our training center shop and the price is not out of line. Plug it in and walk away for up to a year".